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Adult Swim Reveals DVDs-On-Demand

sg_adultswimAround 100 episodes from Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim lineup will be available in a DVD manufacturing-on-demand (MOD) program starting Nov. 16.

Starting Monday, visitors to can choose 110 minutes’ worth of TV episodes, some artwork for the DVD case and disc face, as well as create a menu and title, and Adult Swim will mail the finished product to them for $20. The DVDs will be created and shipped out to its recipient within 48 hours.

The first phase of the Adult Swim’s Build a Custom DVD program will launch with approximately 100 episodes of popular Adult Swim original series, including Robot Chicken, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, The Venture. Bros., Sealab 2021, Tim & Eric Awesome ShowGreat Job!, The Drinky Crow Show and Lucy, Daughter of the Devil.

“Call me optimistic, but I don’t look at this as a challenge, but as an amazing opportunity for our fans,” says Cartoon Network Enterprises SVP Christina Miller. “We’re getting out of the gate quickly, and our program is unique in that it allows our fans to do more [than other MOD programs].”

She added: “As soon as everything is up and running, we’ll look at those possibilities.”

The customized offering will be available solely through the Web site, although Cartoon Network Enterprises (CNE) also produces DVDs and soon a Blu-ray Disc for retail distribution. Adult Swim is the late-night component of the Cartoon Network’s channels, offering adult-themed content. Currently CNE also sells Adult Swim programming electronically through key accounts, including iTunes, Xbox Live and PlayStation Network. The company enhances its digital download offerings with exclusive content, talent chats and more.

The company also plans to expand the program to include the more than 1,000 episodes in the Adult Swim originals library across 30 series, and will include additional artwork options from which to choose.

Adult Swim was launched as a programming block of Cartoon Network and premiered in 2001 with the airing of the Director’s Cut episode of Home Movies. It originally aired Sunday night with reruns on Thursdays. In 2005, Turner Broadcasting split Adult Swim from Cartoon Network so Nielsen Media Research could treat it as a separate channel for ratings purposes.

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